by Nadir

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released January 28, 2016



all rights reserved


Nadir Queens, New York

Pat Schramm- Drums

Mike Foti - Bass

Robbie Swartwood- Vocals, Guitar

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Track Name: Rope Burns
How can I fit in, when I don't even belong in my own skin
how can I believe when all I have are questions
strung out on being hopesick and I'm waiting for this loss to give
I've got a fire in my chest and I'm crawling for an exit

And I know what it's like to be alone
because I've kept those rope burns around my neck

Will we always be alone in crowded rooms
reaching for a dark corner to fall into
nervous wreck, smoking like a heretic
you know we're always on the verge of calling it quits
Track Name: Reasons To Leave
How could you tell me about those nights, my heart's too full
for words, too young to know what it's like
Always in the mouth never against the head, you said
Little did you know it's always pointed right at me

How can we go on, we're screaming without tongues, we're leaving paper trails for our loved ones to see posthumously, unselfishly
and don't bother telling me that there's no good reason to leave
Track Name: Buried Above Ground
The cost of living is just too high, and I can't even afford to be alive
Can't get any lower, never high enough, never anything
Buried above ground
In bills, in debt, in this rehab center where I'm kept
In lies and broken family fucking ties
Consoled by cigarettes and my new regrets, soon to be swept away
Like human debris
Track Name: Collecting Misery
Look at how far we've come, or maybe we're just long gone
Should this always feel like we're drowning
Struggling for unconsciousness, panic and then repeat
And I can't escape this dream

That I'm waiting at the door for you to come
And then I'm calling all the hospitals, wondering where you've gone
And I hope that you can see
There's no need to keep colllecting misery